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♥_Dead_x_Dollies_♥ [April 13th, 12:04am]

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Premade layouts [November 16th, 4:11pm]

Does anyone have a premade "Queer as Folk" layout they could share or even just a background? Thanks in advance, everyone!
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[August 16th, 3:08pm]



I was curious if someone would like to fill a request  for a layout for my muse in a writing community I am involved with. I have no real specifications (ie: main colors of th structure, so on) other than using the pics I've provided and ask that it have an earthy feel to it. I would like the picture to have a flat, muted feel to it, if that's at all possible. (If you don't understand what I mean..lol just look at the skies in the Pearl picture)


jolly roger

Black Pearl

I pretty much leave the rest up to your discretion :)

Thanks in advance

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